Online Reputation Management

What is Online Reputation Management?

Online Reputation Management refers to the understanding, influencing, and management of a person’s or business’ reputation on the Internet. With the reach of the Internet extending further and further every day, it is important for businesses to know what people are saying about them online. Is is it positive or negative? What are they saying? Are they even talking at all? These are all things to consider when looking at Online Reputation Management. It will allow you to take charge of your online reputation.

The Online Reputation Management Process

Here at EKDesigns in Frederick, Maryland, we follow a proven plan for managing our clients’ online reputations. Our first step is to search for your company on the major search engines like Google and Bing. This will always be the first step, as it will give us an honest view of your online reputation. We will be able to see exactly what your customers are seeing when they search for your business. We will also set up a Google Alerts account for your business. This service allows us to enter in search terms that we would like to be notified about anytime they appear online. Some search terms we may use could be your business name and the industry you work in. So for us, we would want to be notified for “EKDesigns”, “Website Design in Frederick, Maryland”, and “Digital Marketing in Frederick, Maryland”. Our experts will be able to help you determine the perfect search terms for your business. Once the Alerts are set up, Google will send us a weekly email with the results.

Our next step will be claiming your online listings and review pages. A lot of the time, these pages are set up without you even knowing, so they may contain inaccurate information. It is important to claim these listings, update them, and make sure you keep them updated anytime there is a change to your business (change of address, phone number, etc). It is free to claim and optimize them, and relatively quick and easy, as well. Some of the most popular sites include:

Another good idea for managing the online reputation of your business is to take control of your social media accounts. Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter are one of the easiest ways for people to talk about and share information about businesses. A post about your business, positive or negative, can spread like wildfire through social media. With just the click of the mouse, a customer can share your business with all of their friends and family.

The final step in successfully managing your online reputation is to be active online. When a customer posts a comment or question about your business on social media, take the time to give them an honest, helpful response. Our Digital Marketing specialists are here to help you. We have experience in dealing with both positive and negative reviews. We can reach out to your customers and ask for feedback and reviews. Overall, it will take some effort from both of us to create a positive online reputation for your business.

Online Reputation Management Benefits

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction – Insight and feedback from your customers regarding your products or services, allows you to make any necessary changes or improvements, improving the overall experience for the customer.
  • Positive Brand Perception – Managing your online reputation gives you the ability to respond to, and hopefully improve upon, any negative experiences customers have had with your business. This could lead to the removal of a negative review, or at the very least, the improvement of a bad review.
  • Cost Effective – Claiming and optimizing your online listings and review pages is free and easy.

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