Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is the process of fostering relationships with current and future customer. Where traditional marketing has always been very “sales” oriented, the goal of social media marketing is much more long term. It’s all about building the relationship and building rapport with your target audience so that they develop trust and brand loyatly which will eventually evolve into lifelong sales. Some of the more popular social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Youtube.

The Social Media Marketing Process

Here at EKDesigns in Frederick, Maryland, our specialists will work very hard to develop a personalized social media marketing campaign that fits the needs of your business. Whether your goal is to reach an existing community or build a new community, we can help you make sure that your message is delivered to all of your followers.

A lot of work goes into a social media campaign. We will begin by setting up profiles for your business on any of the social media platforms that you would like to be on. We will optimize these profiles with important information about your business, as well as photos and videos of your business and the products and services you offer. (If you’re also using our SEO service for your business, we will incorporate your selected keywords into your profiles).

We will also create posts for you. These posts may contain content about your business, tips for your customers, links to informative articles, important news regarding your company and much more. Our aim is to provide content that is either useful for your customers, or something that will keep them interested. Social media marketing is a great way to reach new customers. When someone finds something on your page that they like, they are more likely to share it with a friend. If they find something useful, there is a good chance that they will recommend it to someone they know.

Another important aspect of our social media marketing campaigns is linking between platforms and your website. Social media platforms are easy way to generate traffic to your website. If someone visits your Facebook page and like what they see, they are more likely to visit your website to find out more.

The Benefits of Social Media Marketing

  • Brand Recognition – Social media can be a great way to build your brand identity. It allows you to decide how you want to position your company, as well as what you want people to know about your business. You can develop the reputation that you want for your company.
  • Brand Loyalty – Social media platforms are the perfect way to develop strong brand loyalty. The keys to this revolve around continually listening to your customers, interacting with them often, and providing a helping hand through great customer service. If you do this, your customers will stay loyal to your brand.
  • Increased Traffic – A high quality social media campaign is a great way to generate traffic to your website. When you post information, blog posts, videos, pictures, and content from your website, you are giving your fans a reason to click through to your website.
  • Community – When it comes to building an online community, there is no better way than a strong social media presence. Once you have established a community, social media gives you instant access to them. This allows you to discover what they like and dislike about your business, as well as any issues they may be facing.

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