Mobile Website Design

What is Mobile Website Design?

These days, consumers have the ability to access your website through the use of several different devices including, desktop, tablet, mobile, and even TV. It is important that your business website be accessible on all of these devices. More and more people these days are accessing the Internet on their smartphones and other mobile devices. In 2013, mobile website traffic had grown to over 20 percent of all website traffic. If you haven’t already mobilized your website, now is the time!

Mobile Website Design Options

Here at EKDesigns in Frederick, Maryland, we strongly recommend a mobile website design to all of our clients. We have seen the increase in traffic that it can bring to a business website. Additionally,  if users cannot easily navigate your website on a mobile device, it is unlikely that they will stay or ever come back. There are three different mobile website designs that we offer to our clients: mobile friendly design, mobile website design, and responsive design.

A mobile friendly website is a standard site that will function correctly on a mobile device. It will perform all of the basic functions that a user may need – displaying pictures, videos, menus, and navigation bars. This type of site is designed for desktop use, but will also work properly on mobile devices. This is the least expensive and time consuming of all of the mobile options. If you don’t really care about the attractiveness of your site, and just need to offer the basic mobile options, then this type of site is for you.

A mobile website is built specifically with mobile users in mind. It is separate from your standard desktop site, and it is often just a simpler version of it. It uses a basic template, minimal content, and easy-to-use navigation. Typically, a mobile site will have a different URL with the same domain as the desktop site, like The benefit of having a separate mobile site is that it will provide users with only essential content. For example, a restaurant’s mobile site would probably only display things like the phone number, address, hours, and menu, because that is the only content that a mobile user would need.

A responsive design website is a site that is optimized for both desktop and mobile devices. A responsive design website can detect the screen size and resolution of the device it is being displayed on – whether it is a desktop, tablet, smartphone, or other device – and adjust the layout and content accordingly. So, regardless of the screen size and resolution of the device that they are using, a visitor will experience the full functionality of your website.

The Benefits of Mobile Website Design

  • User Experience – A mobile website design will improve the experience of mobile users. They will, at the very least, be able to access the basic functions of your website. One of the most frustrating experiences a customer can have is trying to navigate a website that isn’t mobile-optimized.
  • Local Searches – Google, Bing, and the other major search engines favor mobile-optimized websites, especially when presenting results for local searches made on a mobile device.
  • Competitive Advantage – A mobile website design will help your business stand out among competitors. If a user visits a website that isn’t mobile-optimized, they will more than likely move on to another website that is. That website that they move on to could be yours!

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